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Trade Me Hits 1,000,000,000 Listings

Alfred from Nelson, trading as junkstyle, will have the honour of selling Trade Me’s one billionth listing, due any time now, after paying $755 for the privilege in a $1 No Reserve auction run by Trade Me.


Trade Me itself has pre-promoted the impending milestone in a trivia-packed post on its website (see We’d encourage you to go there for the details, but here are some facts and figures that you may not know about New Zealand’s most popular auction operator:

Most-viewed listings:

  1. Tana Umaga handbag and cellphone (2006, 1m+ views)
  2. HP Possessed Printer (2013, 800k views)
  3. Scary Washing Machine (2009, 800k views)

Most-asked questions (popular listings)

  • Buy a tractor and get a 20 acre farm for free (2009, 2224 questions)
  • Scary washing machine (2009, 2101 questions) Two captured ghosts (2010, 1707 questions)


  • First official live listing: Sam Morgan’s 21″ AKAI-brand TV. Bidding started at $200.
  • First on Trade Me Motors: Subaru Impreza Sedan 1992 (2003)
  • First residential property on Trade Me Property: A house worth $250k in Mission Bay (2005)

First job on Trade Me Jobs:

  • Earthmoving mechanic in East Tamaki (2006)

One billion listings, and Trade Me is still just a teenager (sweet sixteen, since March 1999). What will it be when it grows up?

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