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Trade Me Advanced Selling Secrets course – Special Release

We’ve just re-opened our Trade Me Advanced Selling Secrets online training course.

Here are the details, don’t miss out.

So you’ve been buying and selling on Trade Me for a while and now you want to turn your Trade Me dealings into a profitable business?

As you’ll quickly find out, that’s not as easy as it looks. Sure, it’s simple to set yourself up as a seller and join the many thousands who sell on Trade Me — but if you want to make some serious money doing business on Trade Me, you have to do your homework first. And who better to advise you than Michael Carney, author of Trade Me Success Secrets, who has been analysing and advising about Trade Me since 2005?

This is a seven-week eCourse providing a comprehensive masterclass on selling on Trade Me. The course presumes you are already familiar with the basics of selling on Trade Me (if there are a few gaps, you can do your homework with our own TRADE ME SUCCESS SECRETS book).

This is an ONLINE-ONLY course — you can take part from anywhere, in your own time.

This eCourse is conducted on a web-based e-learning software platform, enabling course participants to proceed at their own pace, accessing materials online. This particular eCourse provides content in a variety of multimedia forms, including videos, slideshows, flash-based presentations and PDF files. No special software is required to participate.

Course lessons are released weekly, for participants to access in accordance with their own timetables. Interaction with the course tutor is enabled through the platform software tools (with telephone backup if required).

The course is self-administered — questions and assignments are of a practical nature and are all intended to help participants develop their skills at trading on the site.

This course has been created by Michael Carney, author of the best-selling book about buying and selling effectively on Trade Me, TRADE ME SUCCESS SECRETS (now in its second edition).

Anyone who wants to sell as effectively and profitably as possible on Trade Me.


In which we discuss the secrets of selling successfully on Trade Me, identify the various elements we’ll be covering during the course and examine the skills you’ll need to have (or hire in) as your selling operation expands. At the end of this section we’ll be setting a self-assessment questionnaire to determine if you have what it takes to be a top Trade Me seller.

We talk about the buyers, discuss what makes them buy (or not), review current economic conditions and explore their motivations (and how we can trigger the urge to buy). We also look at what times of the day and times of the week they’re most likely to visit Trade Me, what times of year they’re most likely to be looking for Trade Me deals — and how you can keep watch on their current interests. Your homework will focus on identifying the most likely buyers you think would be interested in your products — or choosing desirable buyers and then identifying their particular needs and wants.

We’ve gathered years of information on which products sell well on Trade Me. In Lesson Two we look at the products that always sell well and the items that have been especially hot recently. Your assignment for this lesson: pimp your own products — what can you do to make them Uniquely You?

We spoke to many top sellers when we put together TRADE ME SUCCESS SECRETS. In this lesson we explore who are the top selling traders on Trade Me these days and what they’re doing especially well. Your mission, should you decide to accept it: identify some of the key learnings that are relevant to you.

Sometimes, it’s easy to see why an auction goes viral and picks up hundreds of thousands of pageviews. When Tana Umaga picked up that handbag and demonstrated Management By Hitting Out, the cybersphere went wild. But what happened to turn that Scary Washing Machine into a phenomenon? We talk to those involved and identify some of the strategies that make auctions sizzle. And we look at the increasing importance of Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. Your task: review some of your own auction listings to see which measure up.

Words matter on Trade Me. If you don’t have a compelling headline, your listing won’t even get read. If you don’t have a sizzling description, you won’t get added to anybody’s waitlist. And if the accompanying pictures don’t make your item a must-have addition to your collection, forget it. We take you through the processes and then turn you loose on your own listings.

What sorts of prices should you set for your products on Trade Me, to give you a fair return on the time and effort involved? What are the little tricks for squeezing more revenue out of the site? When are loss leaders (such as $1 No Reserve listings) appropriate? We examine the numbers — and then encourage you to do likewise.

Once you reach a certain point on Trade Me, you need to introduce systems (unless you simply don’t want a life). We look at what’s now available to create your listings, post them quickly, get the products out the door — and then handle those after-sales deals such as feedback. We also look at how you can build a list of satisfied customers — and turn that happiness into additional revenues. Your homework will involve planning your growth strategy.

Time to turn all that learning into a planned sales programme. We give you the tools (or tell you where to find them).


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Bookings are confirmed on receipt of payment, which can be by cheque, bank deposit or credit card. We can raise an invoice in advance if you need it.

To reserve your place in this course, please pay by credit card through PayPal by clicking here.

(The service provider will be shown as Netmarketing Services Limited in your transaction and on your credit card statement).


Your booking will be confirmed by email (if you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours, feel free to email michael (at)

On the first day of the course you will be supplied by email with login details and Course Notes for the first lesson.

Further Lessons will be provided at weekly intervals for the duration of the seven-part course.

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