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Trade Me partners with ChannelAdvisor

Just announced today:

Trade Me has signed a deal with international e-commerce company ChannelAdvisor which will see that organisation’s data management and analytical tools available for use with Trade Me.

The ChannelAdvisor arrangement would see more new products on Trade Me in time for the 2012 Christmas season, the company told the NZX.

ChannelAdvisor enables manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to submit a single inventory feed which is then translated into the specifications of numerous e-commerce channels (such as eBay, Amazon and a great many others) and distributed accordingly.

Some of the implications for Trade Me:

  • Larger organisations will now be able to list their wares on Trade Me more effectively
  • Data analytics tools will enable sellers to more easily track information such as Gross Merchandise Value, Order Volumes and Average Order Value
  • Live listings can be managed in bulk

The ChannelAdvisor offering should enable more of New Zealand’s leading brands to sell directly on Trade Me, as well as allowing major retailers to manage large volumes of product listings on the site.

The ink is barely dry on this deal so a few of the details remain to be ironed out. We’ll reportĀ  more in due course.

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