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Sell Much More Stuff on Trade Me in 2012

New Year, new resolutions. What are you planning to do in 2012 to upskill yourself and learn more about doing business on Trade Me this year?

Here’s how to make yourself more money on Trade Me in 2012:

  1. Read our Trade Me Success Secrets book from cover to cover
  2. Sign up for our Advanced Selling on Trade Me online course, which gives you plenty of hands-on advice on how to sell more effectively on Trade Me [Sorry, no longer available]

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What Buyers Want

Ah, if we only knew what people wanted to buy …

Well, as it happens we do have some ways of finding out. First, let’s take a look at some recent research from Nielsen USA, which asked those 13 and older what they intend to buy in the next six months. Here’s what they said:

You’ll notice that all these items are objects of techno-lust, which probably says more about the limited scope of the questionnaire than it does about the consumer. Still, it’s a useful guideline if you’re in the business of offering gadgets for sale.

If not, where else could you turn for information about what buyers are looking for?

First, look no further than the good old Trade Me newsletter, which each month reports on the most popular recent searches:

Secondly, to take a look at what is actually selling on Trade Me, wander over to their Sell-Through Statistics, where you’ll find what percentage of items in each category is actually selling:

This data will give you a heads-up on, for example, whether you’d be better concentrating your attention on selling antique clocks or antique flags. You’ll need to explore further, of course — some categories simply don’t have many listings, so percentages can be misleading — but this section is a good place to start your research.

Next, head to Google Zeitgeist and click through to the Top Ten lists for Kiwis — things we were searching for in 2011:

You’ll be able to drill down further, and find the hottest searches by month. For example, in November 2011 one of the most popular searches locally was for “Adele” (if you don’t know who she is, ask a young ‘un):

Where else can we turn for information on prospective buyers?

If you can identify the types of products you want to see, head to Google’s Keywords Tool. Here you can search by specific keywords, to determine the approximate local demand for a given keyword or phrase. For example, if we search for “ipad”, we find that there are an estimated 246,000 local searches for phases such as “which ipad”.

If you’d like to develop an even better understanding of your buyers and what they want, may we respectfully direct you to:

PS We had paused our Advanced Selling on Trade Me course because of other demands on our time, but because of popular request (Mr Tom Popular requested it!), we’ve decided to run the course on a very limited basis in 2012. The first release is on Wednesday January 18, and we offer a special $124 Early Bird discount for bookings received by Wednesday 11 January, so we recommend you check the course out NOW.

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