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You know it’s nearly Christmas when …

… Trade Me’s sleigh is sagging under the weight of around 30,000 listings that include the word “Christmas” or “Xmas”, yet the festive season itself is still about seven weeks away.

Most of the biggest Kiwi retailers don’t move seriously into pre-Christmas mode until the last Guy Fawkes sparkler has spluttered out the door on November 5. By then, however, the Trade Me Christmas Party is in full swing!

Why the early start?

This chart from the US National Retail Federation suggests that not all of us wait till Christmas Eve before splurging on our nearest and dearest:

Yep: collectively, almost four out of ten Christmas shoppers start their buying before November; and then another four out of ten turn into shopaholics in November. By the time the last two weeks of December come around, just 4% of us (men, you know who you are) have yet to get our act together [and yes, we know the chart shows American data, but the last Kiwi data we saw showed a similar pattern].

So what should you do?

If you’re buying, here are some of the hot items you should be considering:

Toyworld NZ’s Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2011

(according to the NZ Herald)

1 Beyblade Battle Set Reviving the classic game Battling Tops. Ages 8+

2 Cookie Pie Pup A dog toy for girls which responds to commands and blinks and barks. Ages 4+

3 Dinosaur Train Boris Tyrannosaurus from the Dinosaur Train TV show. Ages 3+

4 Elmo Rock Elmo sings with his microphone and plays tambourine and drums. Ages 18 months+

5 Glitter Lava Desk Set for making sparkly colourful stickers. Ages 4+

6 Lego ages vary

7 Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster Shoots discs long-range and features pulsing targeting lights. Ages 8+

8 Transformers ages 5+

9 Sylvanian Families ages 4+

10 3 Unit Gym Set Outdoor set for youngsters

For those with slightly bigger budgets:

YouTube Preview Image

On A Budget

If your pennies don’t spread quite that far, check out yet another graph from the National Retail Federation which tells what people are hoping for this Christmas:

Not exciting, perhaps, but at least you’ll be giving them something they really want …

If You’re Selling

If you sell stuff on Trade Me and want to cash in on the Christmas rush, then you should:

  1. Take a look at what’s hot on Trade Me — check out the 15 most popular searches of the previous month as revealed in the Trade Me newsletter.
  2. See what’s actually selling right now on the site, reviewing the Sell Through Rates by Category to see what percentages of auction listings actually sell
  3. Head to Google Insights for Search to see what Kiwis have been searching for over the last seven days (as we write this, rugby tends to be a common search term for some reason)

If you want more Christmas inspiration, click here for our Christmas stories from previous years!

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