Where’s The Money?

Which are the most valuable categories on Trade Me?

There are potentially quite a few different ways to answer that question, depending on how you define the term “most valuable”. For example, if you opted for a definition that encompasses the highest overall pricetags in a given category, then Trade Me Property would win by a country mile.

Or you could look at the highest cumulative value of items in a general category (excluding Property and Motor Vehicles), in which case Womenswear would probably win based on its volume (175,000+ items in a typical week).

Another possibility: assessing a category based on the historical highest bid in that category — in which case, do we include or exclude joke bids such as the $99,999,999 offered for the iceberg that floated close to New Zealand in November 2006? And should we also include the auction where someone tried to sell Australia, as is, where is?

No, we decided to ground this analysis in reality and so we’ve settled for the definition of “Average Selling Price” per category. The higher the Average Selling Price (the amount that items actually sold for, not the listing price), the greater the value (even if actual numbers sold were low).

Against that yardstick, then, the Top 20 Most Valuable Categories on Trade Me are:

20. The Snooker & Pool category(encompassing Cues, Tables & Other items). Average Selling Price: $210.37

19. Accommodation (both domestic and international): $216.79

18. Mobility Aids (Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking frames & sticks) $220.63

17.  Computer Servers (including components): $223.39

16. Building & Renovation (a diverse range of materials, from tarpaulins to portable buildings): $227.78

15. Kites, Stunt Kites & kitesurfing gear: $232.16

14. Tickets to Sporting Events: $235.30

13. Trampolines, a perennial favourite: $237.93

12. Apple Computers (including peripherals): $247.92

11. Arcade & Pinball Gaming Machines: $253.18

10. Kitchen building and renovation materials: $254.09

9. Digital Cameras: $267.85

8. Desktop computers: $268.28

7. Farming & Forestry products: $296.89

6. Kayaks & Canoes: $325.68

5. Industrial equipment & machinery: $329.57

4. Internet Domain Names: $409.02

3. Holiday travel packages: $939.22

2. Flights: $977.52

And the most valuable items sold on Trade Me (excluding Property and Motor Vehicles)?

1. Businesses for Sale: $6,864.73

If you were wondering what you should sell on Trade Me, those are twenty high-value possibilities for your consideration.

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