Wisdom of the Boards

Many Trade Me users have not yet discovered the Trade Me Message Boards, a hotbed of discussion, argument, rhetoric and often extremely funny comments about a desperately diverse range of topics.

We encourage you to check out the Boards for yourself (especially the topics that interest you). As a taster, here are some useful snippets of information from a long ago and far away (March 2007) discussion thread that sought to explain some of the real meanings behind the descriptions and abbreviations that appear from time to time on Trade Me (contributions credited by user name):
    In My Not-So-Humble Opinion. (wootha)
  • CRS
    Can’t Remember Stuff. . . applies to those of advancing years with short term memory loss when wrapping 50 packages on Saturday morning. (oberkat)
  • BuyNow
    DecideNow and PayWhenever. (wootha)
  • Postage
    second only to religion as a cause of wars. (wootha)
  • Pass the Parcel
    a game sometmes played by NZ Post.The winner keeps it! (raker)
  • Fastpost
    quaint historical custom whereby goods were delivered in the same week they were posted. (wootha)
  • Keyword spamming
    using lots of words not related to what you have listed in an auction. Very useful in really annoying many on TM. Dirty dog, Hermes, Paris Hilton,Gucci, and so on. (raker)
  • S=R
    an alphabet in trouble. (giraffeinfall)
  • S=R=BN
    alphabet in serious trouble. (wootha)
  • Dropshipping
    your purchase is dropped off a container ship in the middle of the ocean and arrives by tidal action. Can also mean parcel comes via Nigeria, China, Middle East, Africa and ….( not necessarily in that order). (raker)
  • pick up only
    ask for it to be posted (giraffeinfall)
  • TYPO
    whne our fingres are tooo fast or fat and we clikc post message before we raed whta we typed… (jalmac_traders)
  • BNWT
    Brand New With Tags (just as soon as I find them & can manage to poke them back though that tiny hole in the garment tag after I’ve washed it cos I wore it out to this rave the other night & some plonker threw up all over it but …..).(mazalinas)
  • One day after winning the auction
    is NOT a long time to wait to hear from the seller/buyer. (bookette1)
  • “happy to combine postage”
    Instead of two lots of $3.50, It’s now only $7.95 for both to be sent together… (andyandlois)
  • Watchlist
    where you keep a list of All the watches you want to buy. Not to be confused with Watchers. They can be imaginary people who never bid on your auctions. (raker)
  • Other stuff you may like
    Other things you can’t afford… (andyandlois)
  • Refund
    When you were supplied with the correct sized clothes you asked for, don’t fit because you are in denial about your real size . (mmm12)
  • Shy Buyer
    “When I’ve paid I will forward you my details” (wisconsin)
  • Broke Buyer
    “Thanks you letting me buy your auction, sorry I can’t pay for two weeks, hope that’s OK” (wisconsin)
  • Affluent Buyer
    Pays but never answers your emails about where to send the goods. (wisconsin)
  • Small Buyer
    “hi, I did a buy now on your auction for 3 *** but I only want one. Can you sell me just one” (wisconsin)
  • Large Buyer
    “Hi, I just won an auction for 24 beads but I actually want 28, can I get 28 for the same price” (wisconsin)
  • Silly Sod Buyer
    “ah I accidently bid on your auction. Can you please remove my bid?” (raker)
  • *Whoosh*
    when someone doesn’t get your underlying message. (bopeep80)

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