Monthly Archives: June 2009

You know you're getting old when …

Yep, you know old age is catching up on you when Trade Me starts carrying listings for Retirement Villages (“where buyers can find units and villages and owners can list them”) — and you decide to browse through what’s on offer, just in case.

According to the inevitable press release, the new retirement village section launched today with “over 100″ (actually 150)┬áretirement villages from Northland to Southland signed up to the service. Alas, the West Coast is unrepresented, at least for now — on the other hand, do Coasters ever retire? We don’t think so.

Retirement Villages is an interesting addition to the Trade Me Property portfolio — 87 of the 150 villages listed specify availability as “waiting list”. In other words, here’s our listing, salivate but wait. Feels kinda ghoulish somehow.

Does raise some interesting possibilities, though. What if standard Trade Me listings were to include the “waiting list” option? For sale: the massive tome “War and Peace” — sign up for the waiting list and we’ll sell it to you in several months, once we’re finished.

Or, in the video gaming section: Halo V — waitlisted till we clock it.

Yep, definitely getting old.

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