The Incredible Optimism Of Domain Name Sellers

It’s a constant source of amazement — and, frankly, amusement — browsing the Domain Names category on Trade Me. People who you’d think should know better are trying to flog minor domain names for — well, let’s just call them extremely optimistic prices.

One of the current listings should hopefully illustrate the point. This auction is offering for a Buy Now price of $4000. The headline consists of the domain name. The compelling description that should be trying to convince us that the product is worth the pricetag is (in its entirety) this: domain name for sale.Make an offer

Those who’ve read TRADE ME SUCCESS SECRETS will understand the importance of a sizzling headline and supportive description if you want to make a sale. Two sentences ain’t going to support a $4000 payday.

Then there’s the other issue: in a top-level-domain like, where scarcity isn’t really an issue, are purchasers willing t0 pay a premium for a domain name that isn’t a generic category name or a much-searched-for phrase? Sadly, Google AdWords reports that “lets go trade” doesn’t generate enough traffic on a monthly basis (either locally or globally) to provide any data.

We admire optimism — but you can sometimes go too far.

PS:  Feel free to click the Buy Now button on the aforementioned auction if it’s worth $4000 to prove us wrong!

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One thought on “The Incredible Optimism Of Domain Name Sellers

  1. Michael Carney

    PPS Now that the auction has closed without result, we feel free to point out that the domain name was only purchased a couple of weeks ago. Given that the purchase price would have been something on the order of $25-$35, a Buy Now price of $4000 represents a breathtaking leap of faith on the part of the seller (not mention an extremely profitable one if the deal was consummated).

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