Quick Relist, Quick Revolt

Today’s latest Trade Me Site Announcement ….

‘Quick Relist’ is now ‘Sell Identical Items’ under Sold Items, and you can quickly list identical items as many times as you like.

… brought a quick response (and rapid revolution/revulsion) on the message boards from the big volume sellers:

I hate it I hate it I hate it!!
 Did I mention I hate it? why couldn’t they have just added the extra button and left the QR button in place too.. now how the hell am i supposed to keep track of what sold items i have relisted STUPID TRADE ME!! I want my QUICK RELIST back!! did i mention I hate it! alt-essentials

Surely not? I haven’t had a chance to use it yet,
but I absolutely rely on the relisted sign under each item in the sold file – is that what has gone? cosimo

yes cosimo…
 over on the right hand side (where you get payment instructions sent, etc) you wont get “relisted” if you use the new sell identical item. To get that you have to go into each listing individually and relist from within there. One of the worst blunders on TM’s part in a while. As big seller – I am NOT impressed. flick13 

I’m not sure I understand what it’s meant to do
 My items that are selling at the moment still have been relisted and have the ‘relisted’ underneath the delivery instructions etc on the right side. I don’t have to select and relist manually and I can still do a quick relist of my unsold items. So what is now missing that I can’t do that everyone’s getting upset about pls? wisconsin 

 try it with one that has sold SINCE the change – by using the “sell identical item” button – where the “quick relist” button used to be. flick13

OK so auction that sold at 5.31pm got the relist
 button but subsequent ones from 5.32 onwards do NOT have the relist button. YES THIS IS GOING TO BE A PAIN TO ME!!!!!!! wisconsin

We could go on, but you get the idea. However one post at 8.38pm tonight suggested perhaps a late amendment from Trade Me.

Now because I relisted manually AND they relisted
 automatically I have load of double ups – BUT – TRADE ME SEEMS TO HAVE NOW REINSTATED THE ”’RELISTED”” ON OUR RIGHT HAND PANELS. wisconsin 

A few more potholes on the road to auction nirvana ….

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