Still King Of The Castle

Nielsen Online has just released its numbers for February 2009 for the Property category.

To no-one’s surprise, Trade Me Property continues to dominate. Drum roll, please, as we present the Top Ten Real Estate Websites (as determined by Nielsen Online’s NZ Market Intelligence data) for the month:

  1. Trade Me Property 828,586 unique browsers
  2. 364,055
  3. 165,919
  4. Trade Me Flatmates 138,758
  5. 129,741
  6. 95,319
  7. 94,812
  8. 92,145
  9. 87,310
  10. 69,093

Of course, none of that means sales, but you take what you can get ….

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One thought on “Still King Of The Castle

  1. Alistair Helm

    Before the drum roll completely drowns us all out – ask yourself a couple of questions:

    1. How many buyers are there in the market today?

    January saw sales of 3706 by licensed agents, add to that private sales of say 150 – total 3,800. Based on a usual buying cycle of 3 months at any one time there are therefore around 15,000 serious buyers, Ok lets be generous call it 25,000. So Trade me property has 828,000 uniques so clearly trade me property (as do all property websites) attract an awful lot of people who (a) are not really interested today (b) wont be buying or selling (c) don’t own a house.

    2. If the overall Trade me site can pull 4,000,000 unique browsers in a month and property is so attractive – why is it that they cannot get 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 unique browsers to look at property???

    The key word is context that is why there were over 213,000 unique visitors who went to view from amongst the 364,000 sighted above that DID NOT visit trade me property in the month of February.

    Food for thought! – oh yes back to the drum roll!

    Disclosure – the source of the duplication data is Nielsen Online and I am the CEO of Ltd.

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