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Turners and Trade Me team up

In the cozy glow of post-election relationships, perhaps it’s no surprise to find two former competitors now happily co-operating for the common good. But it does at least raise an eyebrow or two.

The change in fortune was announced in a press release yesterday:

Turners Auctions has increased its online footprint by teaming up with Trade Me. Turners will have up to 4,000 listings at any one time on New Zealand’s most popular website, including cars, trucks, caravans and damaged vehicles, making it one of the largest providers of listings in Trade Me Motors.

This provides customers with increased choices as they look to buy vehicles in a tough market, says Todd Hunter, General Manager Sales and Marketing.
“We realise buyers are increasingly cautious when purchasing cars these days. The combination of Turners’ physical presence with Trade Me’s online strength creates a great partnership. More people are exposed to our inventory which is good for our vendors and buyers.

“We want to make the buying process as simple and convenient as possible and joining with Trade Me is an obvious step towards this.”

The new relationship began tentatively in early October, when Turners Auctions’ first tranche of vehicles was listed on Trade Me with great customer response.

In typically irreverent style, Trade Me head of commercial Mike O’Donnell (MOD) noted that the arrangement was put together over a beer a couple of months ago. “We sat down with the Turners guys and just turned a mind to what might be.

“The movement of car sales to the web has been profound but not all people have the time or skills to market their car properly online. This is what Turners have brought to the table along with a unique ability to house them in showrooms.” Fair comment, MOD.

Bravo to both Trade Me and Turners for making this new deal happen. Let’s hope all coalition arrangements work out so well.

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