Makeover For Trade Me Jobs

Trade Me launches the latest version of Trade Me Jobs today, as our favourite online auction venue continues its attempt to dethrone market leader

It’s a rare situation for Trade Me — Number 2 in the recruitment market rather than its traditional position of Number-1-by-a-country-mile.

Over the last 12 months Trade Me Jobs has almost doubled its listings from 6210 jobs in April 07 to 11,077 in April 08.  In its press release Trade Me couldn’t resist noting that over the same period Seek listings increased just 5%, from 20,746 to 21,725 — and that Trade Me Jobs has also closed the traffic gap from around 120,000 domestic unique browsers a month to less than 75,000.

The new look Trade Me Jobs site launches today with improved salary search functions and new features for the part-time and contract market. 

We’ve observed elsewhere that Trade Me Jobs has been a relative disappointment for the Trade Me team, not achieving the same runaway growth and nearly instant market leadership enjoyed by its Property and Motors operations. To a certain extent, that’s because the recruitment market was already reasonably well-served by Seek. If we might venture an opinion (and don’t we always?) what’s needed to shake up the online employment sector is a whole new way of doing business, not merely the sort of incremental improvement that Trade Me Jobs is offering today.

And yes, we do have a few ideas. Available for a big fat fee …. :-)

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4 thoughts on “Makeover For Trade Me Jobs

  1. Alistair Helm


    Your comments are interesting, I have watched Trade Me closely on this area of business especially as they caught the real estate market off guard in 1995. At that time RealENZ was a website that whilst it enjoyed great support from the industry, the consumer saw little value.

    What happened in 2006 though with the replacement of that site with was a big step forward by the industry. Trade Me has not had it all their own way in the property market. is still the most comprehensive website in the market – currently we host over 109,000 listings across all categories of real estate – even on a like for like basis our content of residential listings at 85,000+ represents over 95% of all licensed agent listings as compared to Trade Me with 77,000 (which includes private listings). We enjoy support from over 1,300 offices as compared to Trade Me with an estimated 800 offices.

    Certainly when it comes to traffic Trade Me is king with upwards of 52,000 average daily UB’s as compared to with 11,500 – however a key question is how many active property seekers are there in NZ on a daily basis. The likelihood is that they look at both Trade Me and our site to see a total picture – ours for the comprehensive agent listings and Trade Me for the private sales.

    It is also worth highlighting that there are still a number of large real estate groups that choose not to use Trade Me.

    Anyway I thought it was important to share some information to support your post.

    Alistair Helm
    CEO –

  2. lance

    Alistair – isn’t Harcourts the only remaining major holdout? Even then I see a number of Harcourts’ agencies are on Trade Me Property.

    I recall that they are part owners of website, so placing their listings on Trade Me, while it will increase sales for their agencies, will result in some red faces for a little while.

  3. Alistair Helm

    The fact is that there is no agency group that is effectively denied the access to Trade Me as all are conscious of the consumer appreciation and demand for Trade Me.

    Harcourts as a group do not subscribe, each franchise makes its own decision. At this time the collective decision of this group of franchisees is they will not subscribe for all their listings. This exactly the same response from the Harveys franchisees.

    These 2 plus Barfoot & Thompson, LJ Hooker, Ray White and Bayleys are the shareholder group that collectively own 50% of Ltd.

    Of these only Barfoots’ and Ray White are actually contractually signed to Trade Me as a group ie. 100% of all offices and all listings.

    I would contest the assertion that placing listings on Trade Me will sell more houses – it will certainly ensure more of NZ eyeballs will see a property – but how many active buyers are there in NZ – the fact is that at anyone time there are around 35,000 (in a good market) – so with Trade me it is a fairly large scatter gun approach with a massive overlap of eyeballs with our site and agents own sites, after all real estate purchase is far from spontaneous!

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