Paradigm Shift: The New 'New' Thing

Over the years, Trade Me has steadily evolved from online garage sale to virtual flea-market and thence to NZ’s biggest shopping mall. Used goods, the traditional mainstay of the site since its inception in March 1999, have been slowly sharing shelf space with more and more new products. By mid-2007, some 45% of the items on sale on Trade Me were new.

We’ve just reached the Tipping Point. In the lead-up to Christmas 2007, undoubtedly driven by that seasonal event, 50.4% of the items on sale on Trade Me were new.

Yes, you read that correctly – more than half the items on sale on Trade Me pre-Christmas were NEW.  

The times, they are a’changing.

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One thought on “Paradigm Shift: The New 'New' Thing

  1. auctionitis

    It would be interesting to see the comparison on a same time of the year by year analysis.

    I can clearly see the rise of the new goods on TradeMe but I also wondered if the ‘drop’ in second hand goods at xmas time can be attributed to the ‘at home recyclers’ selling off their unwanted household goods, kids clothes that they’ve grown out of etc.
    Possibly the Mum’s (and Dads) that seem to drive a section of the second hand market are busy with xmas and kids and not Trade Me…

    In any event the new goods section will only get bigger – where is the QUALITY goods in home and living tho? I recently spent hours on TradeMe looking for quality new homewares – I ended up trawling the categories then going to other online outlets and purchasing there. Still plenty of untapped markets I think but the no contact details rules probably stymies many honourable seller of larger household items such as beds, tables etc – the stuff I was looking for! No good buying a mattress that turns out to be made of rocks no matter how cheap it is ;)


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