List #5: Google's 2007 What's Hot, What's Not

If you happen to operate a rather popular search engine — the sort of place where kazillions of people stop by every day, say — you could get a pretty good feeling for what’s hot (and what’s not) by noting what people are looking for and tracking how that changes from day to day and from week to week. You could if you’re Google, for example.

Google does indeed capture such info, and reports on it regularly through its Zeitgeist pages. We’ll let you explore those pages for yourself, but we thought we’d take a few electrons of your time to share with you Google’s report on 2007 — those search enquiries that rose in popularity the most during the year (and those that dropped like a stone).

First, the losers (or, as Google more delicately describes them, the “fastest falling” queries from around the world:

10. mp3
9. shakira
8. sudoku
7. webdetente
6. xanga
5. kazaa
4. rebelde*
3. fifa
2. mozart
1. world cup*

*Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Those marked with an asterisk appeared amongst the Fastest Risers in 2006.

And the hottest of the hot in 2007? Stand well back or prepare to be scorched by:

10. club penguin
9. hi5
8. second life
7. ebuddy
6. youtube
5. webkinz
4. dailymotion
3. facebook
2. badoo
1. iphone

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