List #4: The Top Movies Of 2007

The lists go on — our continuing mission, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go, yadda yadda, and also to provide guidance for Trade Me buyers and sellers in 2008. This time round, our topic is movies. Lights, cameras, action, quiet on the set, send the striking writers out of the room, it’s time to relive the celluloid sensations of 2007. First up, the hot picks from TVNZ for best flicks of the year (subjectively speaking). Full details here.

Oh say, have you seen:

10 – Atonement
First up is this British romantic-tragedy, with Keira Knightly “acting up a storm when her romance to James McAvoy (also seen in The King of Scotland) is turned on its head after he is accused of a crime he did not commit.”

9 – Hairspray
John Travolta in a fat suit playing the role made famous by drag diva extraordinaire Divine should have signalled disaster. Instead this remake of John Waters’ 1988 campy classic proved to be a critical and commercial hit.

8 – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
You can’t keep Captain Jack Sparrow down as Johnny Depp swashbuckled his way into the chart. The third, and supposed final film of the series, picks up exactly where Dead Man’s Chest left off as our heroic captain fights off all sorts of nasties. Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom also return, as do pretty much everyone that has appeared in the movies so far.

7 – Knocked Up
Every year a small comedy, featuring modest celebrities and a handful of expletives, seems to cut loose from the pack and deliver huge numbers at the box office – this year it was Knocked Up.

6 – Die Hard 4.0
Yippe-kay-ay as Bruce Willis dusts off his singlet and sets about saving world yet again in the blockbuster Die Hard 4.0.
5 – The Lives of Others
This German-language movie about the life of a secret police agent in East Berlin before the fall of the wall packed out art house cinemas around the world and took the Oscar for Best Foreign Language movie.

4 – Eagle vs Shark
Taika Waititi‘s charming Kiwi comedy about two misfits trying to find love proved a hit with audiences around the globe. As the film’s tagline opines, “Finding love was never so… Awkward”.

3 – 300
Gerard Butler shouted up a storm as the leader of the Spartans who must battle overwhelming odds against wave-after-wave of Persian attack. A huge body count (585 according to the Internet Movie Database), lashes of blood and graphic violence brought in the masses and a relatively cheap Hollywood movie ($65 million to make) turned into a huge blockbuster with takings in access of $200 million.

2 – The Bourne Ultimatum
You would think baddies around the world would know by now – don’t mess with Jason Bourne!! The fast pace never let up for the 115 minutes of running time as Jason is chased, and chases, around worldwide locations including Morocco, Italy and an unforgettable sequence at London’s Waterloo station.

1 – Transformers
And so to TVNZ’s pick for number one film, narrowly beating Mr Bourne by just a single vote. Transformers (robots in disguise) take out the top spot as the year’s best movie, as voted by you and the team at

Turning a children’s cartoon into one of the biggest blockbusters of the year was no mean feat and credit where credits due to one Michael Bay. The director, who is reviled by critics for his over-the-top style of bombastic action (see Bad Boys 1 and 2, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour etc), bounced back after turning in his first true turkey with The Island two years ago.

But the nature of Transformers, which pits two warring robot clans against each other on little ole Earth, suited Bay’s style perfectly. Throw in scorching hot actor Shia LaBoeuf and a whole heap of special effects and just sit back and watch the fireworks!

NZ’s Most Popular Movies — By The Numbers 
Well, that’s what the people say. The actual NZ box office results tell a slightly different story. The top 20 titles for calendar year 2007 (box office take shown for each movie):

20 Knocked Up $1,260,229
19 Rush Hour 3 $1,362,618
18 Miss Potter $1,391,383
17 Ocean’s Thirteen $1,396,154
16 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer $1,420,316
15 Live Free or Die Hard $1,432,389
14 Stomp the Yard $1,468,746
13 Wild Hogs $1,553,813
12 Amazing Grace $1,667,980
11 300 $1,848,409
10 Shrek the Third $1,982,622
9 Hairspray $1,991,518
8 Ratatouille $2,294,439
7 Mr. Bean’s Holiday $2,353,233
6 The Bourne Ultimatum $2,559,711
5 Spider-Man 3 $2,759,554
4 The Simpsons Movie $3,303,450
3 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $4,024,957
2 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End $4,714,947
1 Transformers $5,274,014 

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